Friday, 31 December 2010

Early resolution!

Dear all (whoever might be reading this blog out there in cyberspace), I have made a resolution. Long have I been searching for a reason, a focus, nay, a veritable impetus for this, my blog, and now the way has become clear to me. I shall provide timely and interesting reviews of prose, poetry and possibly even plays.

But firstly, I shall stop writing in an overly bombastic and dramatic style. Quite why I felt the need to declaim in such an appalling faux-Shakespearean manner is beyond me. Secondly, I shall be a bit more honest. My reviews are unlikely to be a)timely or b)that interesting, but I shall try!

So, for my first review, I present to you "Mrs Fry's Diary" by Mrs Stephen Fry. Mr Stephen Fry is one of my favourite writers of all time, so I was very pleased to receive this gem in my Christmas stocking this year. And the speed reader that I am, I have since devoured this 346 page trove of tremendousness. Mrs Fry reveals in detail what its really like to live with the man the public see as erudite and educated; needless to say, Mr Fry at home is a very different household implement of sea creatures. It is exceptionally fabulous to see that Mrs Fry also demonstrates a similar sense of humour that her more-famous husband frequently displays in the public arena, with witty one-liners and puns galore.

To conclude: a very entertaining read (and yes, I do realise it's fiction) which I recommend to anyone with eyes and a brain.

Next review: Kate Mosse's "The Winter Ghosts".


Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Lack of commitment.

This is not something of which I am usually accused. However, when it comes to certain things like watching a whole programme on telly, playing a computer game to the end or regular Internet writing, it is a veritably accurate label. I'm not sure exactly why I'm so bad at keeping up with my Internet communications but I am pretty terrible. It does require both being at a computer and having something non-libellous or career-threatening to say!

So hooray and much rejoicing for my new iPhone which enables communication from the comfort of my sofa. While I am watching the telly. Back to my lack of commitment!